Hybrid clubs are no longer new to the golf scene, but there are still some players that have been slow to adapt. Hybrid clubs have been consistently gaining popularity and today they are a staple that can be found in the golf bags of top tour players as well as total beginners. Perfectly filling in the gap between your woods and your irons, hybrid clubs are easy to hit, accurate, and versatile.

When you look down from your address position as you get ready to hit a long iron shot, what do you feel? Are you confident that you are going to strike the long iron cleanly and send the ball high into the air? Or are you worried about making good enough contact to just get the ball off the ground? For most golfers, long irons are clubs that instill fear rather than confidence. This is one of the many reasons why hybrids have become so popular. Rather than sweating over a difficult three iron shot, you can pull out a hybrid club and handle the shot with relative ease.

Another benefit to using hybrids in your bag is the many options that that give you during a round of golf. Since you only get to place 14 clubs into your bag, you want to make sure that each of those clubs is serving as many different purposes as possible. For example, your sand wedge can not only be used for shots played from the sand, but also for chip shots, pitch shots, short approaches, and more. In much the same way, a hybrid club can be employed for a variety of duties during a round. Some of the possible shots that you can hit with a hybrid club include the following :-

If you have never carried a hybrid club in your bag previously, you might be surprised at just how many uses they have once you add one to your set. Where you might have only used your three iron once or twice during a round (if at all), you will likely find that you reach for your hybrid club much more frequently. In fact, after you add one hybrid to your set and get a few rounds under your belt with it, you might find that you are quickly shopping for more hybrids to replace the rest of your long irons.